Momma Kris Designs
Welcome to our newest adventure, Momma Kris Designs! We have added all sorts of equipment to the candle shop and can now make a little bit of EVERYTHING!

All of these items are currently available in the shop and some t-shirts are available on our Etsy online store. If you'd like to see pictures of absolutely everything we've been making, please like our new Momma Kris Designs Facebook page.

Momma Kris Designs T-shirts and Custom Vinyl

We can now make almost ANY t-shirt, sign, car decal, hat, bag, keychain, sports equipment decal, etc.We will even customize Yetis! If you can dream it up, run it by Kris and we're sure we can make it work. Check out the new mini t-shirt shop inside the candle shop to shop all sorts of funny t-shirts laced with our original Farmhouse humor!

Momma Kris Designs Wine Bottle Plants

We now have the capability to cut off glass bottles and our newest creations are self-watering mini plants and succulents. They're beautiful, functional, and would make a great gift for anyone's home or work space. Inventory changes daily and we cannot ship these items, so please stop by the candle shop to pick something out for your special plant lover.

Momma Kris Designs Bird Feeders

With our ability to cut glass and to fuel Kris' love of shopping for beautiful and unique dishes, we offer a beautiful line of bird feeders made from upcycled dishes, antique dishware and beer/liquor bottle feeders.  We also sell bird seed, courtesy of For the Wild Birds in Omaha, so we're your one-stop shop for your feathered friends!