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Ember Scents . . . Winter
Christmas Cheer
Clove Biscotti
Holiday Relish
O Christmas Tree
Ember Scents . . . YearRound
Small - $9.75 and Large - $15.50
Meltables - $4.50
Bourbon Vanilla & Sage
Brushed Leather
Buttercream Crunch
Cappuccino Hazelnut
Cinnamon Crisp
Clementine Chili Pepper
Cran Apple Bliss
Dogwood & Lace
Farmhouse Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Hot Apple Turnover
Jasmine Vanilla
Moonlight Rose
Nana’s Kitchen
Native Flower (cannabis)
Spiced Cranberry
Spicy Pear Crumble
Sweet Olive
Teakwood Mahogany
Vanilla Sandalwood
Va-Va Vanilla
The Best Candles on the Planet!
We offer over 50 yummy and delicious scents in our Ember Scents line (wooden wick) and The Original Candle line (cotton wick)!

Ember Scents "crackle" when they burn . . . scent with sound. How cool is that?! The Original Candle line is the original candle we've been making for 15+ years now. A cotton wick that actually bends into the flame as it burns, ensuring even burning. Remember: Keeping both types of wicks trimmed and the flames low will eliminate any soot (and we all HATE soot!). Be responsible little candle burners! 

We do fundraisers as well, simply shoot us an email for more information.

Nebraska Products & Gifts
Our shop also stocks many other high-quality products, such as wine, moonshine, moonshine cherries, pickled asparagus, olives, steak seasoning, jelly, popcorn, jewelry, home décor, candle accessories, wax warmers,  and beer bottle nightlights (seriously!).
Ember Scents . . .Fall
Autumn Harvest
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Witch's Brew (layered colors green, black, purple)
The Original Candle (cotton wick) ... Year-Round
Small - $9.00 and Large - $13.50
Meltables - $4.50
Bamboo Pink Grapefruit
Baby Powder
Carrot Cake
Freesia Apricot
Golden Amber Musk
Green Apple Mango
Orange Vanilla
Orange Blossom & Cotton
Orchid Cherry Blossom
Pumpkin Spice
Sinful Vanilla Sugar
Spiced Apple
Spring Rain
Strawberry Fields
Sugary Butter Cookie
Sunshine Bouquet
Sweetgrass Lemon Star Anise
Tranquil Water
The Original Candle . . . Spring
Jelly Beans (layered colors lavender, yellow, pink)
The Original Candle . . . Fall
Candy Corn (layered colors like the candy)
Harvest Farmers Market
Mulled Apple Cider
The Original Candle . . . Winter
Christmas Thyme
Cranberry Orange Zest
Winter Mint
We do sell wholesale and we also offer fundraising opportunities. Contact us via e-mail or call the shop for more information!
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